You asked for it – and today, we’re excited to announce the release of Katango’s Web app! It auto-magically sorts your friends and family into groups online – and empowers you to export them directly to Facebook!  Katango groups are great for private messaging and photo sharing.

The new app:

  • Allows everyone to access Katango, regardless of where you are located or what kind of computer or mobile device you have;
  • Auto-organizes your Facebook friends into Lists, eliminating the work of manually creating Lists (and the danger of accidentally sharing photos and updates with the wrong people); and
  • Gives you a bigger screen interface than the Katango iPhone app for viewing and editing groups of your contacts.
  •  It’s easy to merge groups, delete groups, and add or remove people to and from your groups – and the Katango Web app effortlessly syncs every change with your Facebook Lists.

To use the new Web app, go to and sign up – it’s free! Give the app permission to access your Facebook account, and it will automatically organize them using the Katango algorithm – within seconds you’ll have a set of friend groups that you can then manage and finesse to your liking:


Click “Show Me” to see what your initial groupings look like:


From this screen, you can choose any list to rename and edit:


Now, go have fun with the new Katango Web app!  (And let us know what you think!)